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Introducing our Founder - Brett Isaacson

Little Hoopers wasn’t formed overnight — it took a founder with years of experience in education, coaching, and administration to create a program that works well for kids, parents, and schools alike.

Here’s a little more about Brett, his background, and how he’s affecting Little Hoopers for the better every day:

Brett’s Past Experience

Brett has an extensive background in the teaching and coaching fields. He has spent over 20 years working with kids of all ages — from preschool all the way up through high school. He’s taught both social studies and special education, giving him the skills it takes to work with children of all abilities as well.

After teaching in the classroom, Brett combined his love for basketball with his passion for helping his students learn and grow. He spent years working in JV and Varsity basketball settings, as well as acting as Regional Director for a large sports organization — even getting the chance to work alongside NBA players throughout his summer camps.

These positions not only gave Brett basketball coaching expertise, but management experience as well. He began to implement high-quality curriculum, and also work with families and administration teams — a skill the company relies heavily on today.

After spending a few years creating programs of his own, including a give-back series of free basketball camps for kids across the United States, Brett settled into his true passion — Little Hoopers.

“Little Hoopers combines basketball with the opportunity to positively impact kids at an integral age. It combines sports learning with physical, academic, and social-emotional growth,” Isaacson shares. “It’s a way to give kids an exciting outlet, excellent learning opportunities, and a love for a sport that can be carried throughout the rest of their lives.”

Brett’s Mission with Little Hoopers

Brett aims to make a difference in the lives of preschoolers through Little Hoopers. The program is capable of:

  • Introducing a fun sport that encourages physical fitness

  • Boosting confidence levels at an early age

  • Building social-emotional skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, listening skills, communication, and friendship building

  • An extra time to play and move their bodies during their childcare hours or school day

All in all, Brett keeps Little Hoopers moving in a way that is sure to impact each and every one of our participants. His experience makes our program what it is today — purposeful, impactful, and downright fun.

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