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Little Hoopers

Thanks for visiting Little Hoopers.  We have been running programs for pre-schoolers since 2008, first in the Washington, DC area and now in Utah.  Little Hoopers was created by Brett Isaacson.  Brett is also the founder of Jump Stop Academy,  a basketball training company, and he is the Varsity Girls Basketball coach at Park City HS.  

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My Story

Hi, my name is Brett Isaacson, and I am the founder of Little Hoopers.  My wife and I have lived in Park City, UT since 2013.  Since that time we have had 2 kids and love living in Utah.

I have been running basketball programs for all ages since 2008.  Little Hoopers was initially a part of Jump Stop Academy, my basketball training company, but we have since branched off and made Little Hoopers its own organization.  

We are excited to expand Little Hoopers throughout Utah and hope to bring it to your school someday soon!

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